District : Raigad
Hill Range: Raigad
Height above sea level : Its a Sea Fort
Difficulty rating : Simple
Base village : Murud
Nearest City :
Approx. time to reach the top :
Google Map Co-ordinate : 18.299773°N 72.964239°E

How To Reach
Murud Janjira By Bus 
State owned buses connect nearest cities with Murud Janjira. Buses are available from Pune, Thane, Borivli, Mumbai central and Dadar.
Murud Janjira By Train 
Roha railway station on the Konkan line is the nearest one which is connected by rail to Mumbai. Murud Janjira is connected to all major railheads through Mumbai. Roha to Murud Janjira takes about an hour by taxi service.
From Alibaug : Get to Alibaug from Mumbai /Pune. You can then go to Murud from Alibag via Revdanda. Small boats take you to the fort from Murud. The journey by boat takes about ½ hr.
Pali-Roha-Naggothne-Salar-Nandgaon-Murud route : The other route is the Pali-Roha-Naggothne-Salar-Nandgaon-Murud route.
Mahad-Gorgaon-Mhasale-Borlipanchatan-Didhi route : One can also plan his travel in the Konkan region by following the Mahad-Gorgaon-Mhasale-Borlipanchatan-Didhi route. Boats take us to the fort from Didhi.

Place To Stay / Eat

Water availability : Not available on the fort. Food : Hotels and Restaurants are available in Murud village. One has to carry his own food on the fort. Shelter : In the village of Murud or Rajapuri.

Places Of Interest

As we go from Murud to Rajpuri, the southernmost point of Murud-Janjira city, we get a grand view of Janjira. It cannot be seen from the main beach. The fort that is seen from here is Padmadurg, built by Shivaji as a counterpart to Janjira. As we go nearer, we come to know the hugeness of the fort. The entrance to the fort faces the east.Ferryboats from Rajpuri village halt at the entrance door of the fort. Inscription in Persian on a white stone near the door can be clearly seen. Rock carvings on both sides of the entrance are of Gajant Lakshmi. A can be seen on the Mahadwar of the fort take you to a place where Cannons are kept. The biggest of them is named 'Kalad Bangdi'.
Peer Panchayatan : 
As one enters the main entrance and walks ahead, another door on the left is seen. On the right hand side is a room like structure, which is called the Peer Panchayatan. There are 5 peers in this room. A few graves can be seen in the front yard. 3 rusted anchors lie unmoved here.
Horse Stable : 
Moving ahead from the Peer Panchayatan along the coastline we come across the stable.
Surulkhan's Palace : 
The 3-storey dilapidated structure ahead is the Surulkhan's palace. It is the tallest building here.
Lake : 
Northwards from the palace lies a lake. The lake measures about 20 m in diameter.
Citadel : 
As we walk ahead the steps the along the lake, we reach the citadel. A square for flag hoisting is constructed here.
Royal Courtyard : 
It is situated behind the citadel.
Western Darwaaja : 
On the western side o the fort, just below the coast level a small door can be seen. This door was used as an emergency exit. Above the door along the coast is a jail.
On the ramparts nearby there are cannons of metal, which still are in better condition. It has been discovered that there were 572 cannons on the fort in 1669. There are 22 bastions, on many of which such cannons are seen. Even today these have stood the test of time and are in a good condition. It takes about 2-2 ½ hrs to see the fort.

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